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“Will ABSOLUTELY continue to use this product!” – Jed Goad from Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

Jed Goad – Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

Owner Operator

Fuel mileage went from 5.3 hauling heavy livestock loads to 6.1 by adding the STP Diesel Fuel Treatment and the power increases were really noticeable. Will ABSOLUTELY continue to use this product!…

“I’m Totally Impressed With the Results.” – Robert Sauter from Loraine, Illinois

RobertSauter_TruckImageRobert Sauter – Loraine, Illinois
Pastor / CDL Driver

As a Driver and also a Pastor it’s important for me to be a good steward. Fuel mileage and having a good running truck is important. After trying the new STP Diesel Fuel Treatment, I have to say I was totally impressed with the results. At first I was getting around 5.2 miles per gallon, then after the treatment it went to 6.7 miles per gal. a 21 percent increase. Then after that I ran the tank down to a quarter tank and filled up and did not add any treatment, mileage dropped to 5.2 again then I filled up again added about a 1/4 of a bottle in each tank and now 5.5 per gallon….




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