“I’m Totally Impressed With the Results.” – Robert Sauter from Loraine, Illinois

RobertSauter_TruckImageRobert Sauter – Loraine, Illinois
Pastor / CDL Driver

As a Driver and also a Pastor it’sĀ important for me to be a good steward. Fuel mileage and having a good running truck is important. After trying the new STP Diesel Fuel Treatment, I have to say I was totally impressed with the results. At first I was getting around 5.2 miles per gallon, then after the treatment it went to 6.7 miles per gal. a 21 percent increase. Then after that I ran the tank down to a quarter tank and filled up and did not add any treatment, mileage dropped to 5.2 again then I filled up again added about a 1/4 of a bottle in each tank and now 5.5 per gallon.