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Low-Temp Formulation w/ Greenclean Detergent Technology

STP® Diesel Fuel Treatment with Greenclean® Detergent Technology Low Temp Formulation is a complete solution to improve the quality of your diesel fuel in the cold winter months with superior CFPP and wax anti-settling winter performance. STP Diesel Fuel Treatment Low Temp Formulation also lubricates critical fuel system components, cleans fuel injectors, and boosts cetane. Increase power more than 3%, provide for smoother and quieter engine operation, and improve fuel economy more than 2%.

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Your Winter Warrior

STP Low Temp Formulation is your winter road warrior when temperatures drop below 25°F. Prevent fuel gelling and fuel filter icing while boosting cetane for faster starts in cold temperatures.

Restore Performance + Improve Fuel Economy

STP Diesel Fuel Treatment restores engine performance as it cleans up sticky injector deposits in all diesel fuel injection systems, including high pressure common rail systems found in newer diesel engines. Injectors free of deposits:

  • Improve fuel economy
  • Increase power while reducing need for downshifting
  • Reduce engine noise and smoke

STP Diesel Fuel Treatment uses additive technology that cleans injector deposits and continues to protect against the formation of new deposits. Using STP Diesel Fuel Treatment at every fill-up maintains your engine’s optimum performance.

Boost Power

Higher cetane in your diesel fuel means your fuel burns quicker and more completely. The cetane number measures ignition delay – the time between fuel injection and the start of combustion. STP Diesel Fuel Treatment increases cetane up to 2 numbers, making it easier to start your engine, reducing power lag, and lowering emissions and white smoke.

Lubricates, Protects, + Stabilizes

STP Diesel Fuel Treatment with Greenclean Technology contains inhibitors to protect fuel injection components from rust and corrosion while friction modifiers provide an extra level of protection extending the life of the fuel pump and injectors.

This formula stabilizes the diesel fuel making it less likely for fuel degradation and sediment formation that can quickly plug fuel filters.